Welcome to Deoradhan's home on the internet!

I'm Deoradhan, a Canadian NEET with a passion for history and writing. Most people call me Deo.

This site exists to be a place I can put things I want to share with other people. That can be anything from hyperlinks to fanfic and book recommendations to my own essays, and more!

The logo on the portal is a "Deo", a magical symbol from Brandon Sanderson's novel Elantris. When I first read it back in high school, I thought it was a wild coincidence that the name I'd already started going by abbreviated to "Deo" so nicely, so I've been using a stylized version of it as an avatar sometimes. I might change it later.

The site is under construction at the moment, so you might see stray bits of Neocities material around I'm using as a base for doing things. I'll have more up here soon.